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Photograph to Cartoon Business Card

My real-life husband before digital editing

A portrait photograph was used to create some fun business cards as a gag gift for my husband.

My new space hero cartoon husband after digital enhancement

First, the background image was scanned in from some stickers. The cartoon body came from the same source. The background and body were placed in a composite image which was expanded to fit a standard business card. The original face was masked off and removed from the cartoon body. After masking and cropping to remove any unwanted background imagery, various Adobe Photoshop filters were applied to create a cartoon-like appearance for my husband's face. His face was then added to the cartoon image. Text was added to say "Brian F. Bennett, Space Lawyer" and voilá! One set of fun business cards. And yes, the suit says "Space Lawyer" and "Bennett" using an appropriate font.

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